One Of The Best E3 Reactions – Nintendo DS Reveal E3 2004


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  1. 2004 was make or break for Nintendo, and Reggie made and broke 2004 for Nintendo. This show alone really was a turning point in so many ways. A true come from behind victory Sony and Microsoft never saw coming.

  2. I just learn that the device Reggie is holding was a fake, it wasn't one system with two screens, it was two systems stick together to deceive people because they didn't have time to develop a prototype to E3, but what killed me was that this was an insane demand from an old guy who got scared with the PSP reveal.

    And it freaking worked it out

  3. When you consider that mainstream smartphones (iphone etc) were still three years away….. only Laptops really needed Wifi at the time but still most laptop users in 2004 would plug into an Ethernet cable, so for this Nintendo DS to come out with Wifi in 2004 was pretty damn cool.

  4. I understand why people are saying “Back then people seemed more enthusiastic” you people need to understand we are in an era where the gaming industry has achieved the best it can achieve. There’s nothing left to usher in unless you want to feature virtual reality at its full potential which I believe won’t happen till 2030

  5. Just imagine in the next 20 years we will be reacting to the Nintendo Switch and be laughing at its technology. 20 years in the future we will have perfected virtual reality to the point you wont even tell what is real and what is not.


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