Rubber Duck Games announces ‘Evil Wizard’


rubber duck games, the famous game developer known for its original and humorous titles, recently announced the release of its latest action RPG, Evil Wizard. Scheduled to launch on Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, this game promises to bring raw humor, Metroidvania elements, and pixel-art environments to the gaming community. With its initial release on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, Evil Wizard has already garnered attention and positive reviews. Now, players on other platforms can look forward to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the months to come. Evil Wizard offers players a humorous and entertaining experience in the realm of action RPGs. Players assume the role of a defeated villain who has survived a grueling battle and must now face off against an army of would-be heroes in order to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The game combines Metroidvania-inspired design with carefully crafted pixel-art environments, creating a visually appealing and engaging world. Prepare to rediscover your powers, infiltrate your own castle, unleash devastating spells, and rid your ancestral home of those miserable excuses for enemies. In Evil Wizard, it’s time to embrace your inner villain!

The premise of the game revolves around revenge and reclaiming what has been lost. As players battle hordes of enemies, they’ll encounter deadly traps and solve tricky puzzles in the hallways of their castle, which are now inhabited by heroes. Evil Wizard is inspired by the Metroidvania genre, allowing players to explore complex levels, interact with the game world using their skills and items, and unlock new paths. Combat in Evil Wizard is fast-paced, skill-based, and satisfying. Players have complete control over battles, inflicting devastating melee blows, unleashing powerful spells, and employing strategic moves to defeat their enemies. One of the unique aspects of Evil Wizard is the ability to control various elements including fire, ice, void, lightning, and earth. Players can mix and match these elements to unleash devastating attacks and exploit their enemies’ weaknesses. The game encourages experimentation and strategic thinking, allowing players to customize their playstyle and adapt to different combat situations. As players progress, they’ll encounter an array of unique enemies and challenging boss fights, each with their own unique skills and fighting style. Upgrading gear and character fine-tuning become crucial to overcoming these increasingly difficult encounters.

Evil Wizard has already garnered positive praise and feedback from gamers who have experienced the game on Xbox and PC. With the upcoming release on PlayStation and Switch, even more gamers will have the opportunity to embark on this exciting adventure filled with humor, challenging gameplay and delightful pixel art visuals. Rubber Duck Games continues to push the boundaries of creativity and entertainment with Evil Wizard, delivering a fresh and enjoyable experience in the action RPG genre. To get a taste of what Evil Wizard has to offer, check out the trailer below. Get ready to embrace your wicked side and embark on a quest for revenge like no other!

Rubber Duck Games’ Evil Wizard features a unique blend of humor, Metroidvania-inspired design, and fast-paced combat. With its upcoming release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store, players across different platforms can look forward to an entertaining and challenging action-RPG experience. Whether you’re a fan of pixel-art visuals, crude humor, or engaging game mechanics, Evil Wizard is ready to deliver an adventure that will have players laughing and wanting more. Evil Wizard demonstrates Rubber Duck Games’ commitment to providing unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.



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