Top 9 Exciting Third Person Action Games Coming in 2021 & Beyond | PS5, Xbox X & PC | New In Gaming


In today’s “New In Gaming”, here are some of the most anticipated action games of 2021 and beyond, including Open-World games, zombie games, survival and more Again ! Which game on this list are you most interested in? ? SUBSCRIBE: ? My email address for COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS only: Become an Empire Collective partner (like me): http://www.empirecollective. 0:28 Aragami 2 1:50 Lost Soul Aside 3:09 Breakwaters 4:48 Aliens Fireteam 6:10 Forspoken 7:20 Evil Dead 8:26 The Day Before 9:47 Black Myth Wukong 11:02 Crimson Desert First music used : “Covert Affairs” by Christopher Moe Ditlevsen Second music used: ‘Traveler’ by Alexander Nakarada: Third music used: ‘Alone’ by CO.AG Music: https: // /channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA/featured Fourth music used: ‘Horizon’ by Nomyn: My email for COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS: mathieuofficial@hotmail .com If I don’t answer, here’s another email to contact: business@empirecollective.LA .



  1. Im still pissed about Aliens on xbox360. The one time listened to the dummy at EB games and i pre ordered that piece of junk. I took the game off my shelf and threw it in the closet so i didn't have to see it. As for the stupid figurine his hand thing fell off and i left him in the closet too. When i moved i left all that crap in the closet where it belongs. That game should have been deleted.

  2. If EA picked up Lost Soul they would say we love your game its ours now and its gonna be live service and have micro transactions and you are not apart of the team anymore you make textures for pga golf now. EA its in the game.

  3. third person games are my favoritt including masterwork like Gears of war, Mass effect 1 Witcher franchise, because it is so much for realistic when the camera is behind the character and u can see the animations. we need way more of these games so its a damn shame there is little of them compare to FPS.

  4. We Need Crimson Dessert in 2021. The Rest are 2022 titles. The Only Bummer is The Day Before is PC only. I Hope they Release it on Console. We Need a Post Apocalyptic Open World Game ASAP!

  5. Yea only game on this list I am excited for is Crimson Desert rest are just meh, That Hogwarts Legacy and Everwild im excited about a few more for sure but they are a few years off. Glad Crimson Desert isnt anything like Black Desert online I thought that game was just dumb.

  6. Been waiting for a game like crimson dessert. Seems like the creators where inspired by the manga also called crimson desert. (look it up) (also about a band of mercenaries 😉

  7. in 2021 developers still publishing games console exlusive ?!?! its pure stupidness, rdr2 was also said that console exlusive but it has huge amount of PC players, its really annoying …

  8. Been awhile since I disliked a video. Both Lost Soul Aside and Black Myth:Wukong aren't Souls-Likes. LSA is pretty clearly inspired in good part by DMC and Wukong by Ninja Gaiden.

    You souls fans need chill not everything with a dodge is a Souls game. Souls games are about being mostly human gameplay wise which these characters are far from. Power is what fromsoft wants you not to have where as things like DMC, NG, and GoW are about giving it to you.


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