BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? (July 2022 Week 1)


Here’s a list of some of the best games that are set to release on the Nintendo Switch in the first week of July 2022. So what’s next? Let’s find out.. Intro 0:00 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak 0:26 Cuphead: Delicious Last Course 1:12 Blackguards 2 1:47 Parasite Pack 2:20 Portal Companion Collection 3:01 Little Noah 3:37 Quintus and the Absent Truth 4:15 Railways 5:09 Cursed Island 5:51 Moonrise Fall 6:44 AI The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative 7:37 Yurukill 8:32 Road of Death 9:19 Outtro 10:14 #New #NintendoSwitch #Upcoming Games Song used: – Last Stop by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. Find it in this fantastic compilation: – White Bat Audio YouTube Channel: – The changeable joycon of color we use – save $8 with code: SUP2022 Product link: – they are very comfortable, have GYRO, Rumble (standard) and a good D-Pad. Additionally, they load normally on the Switch. Great Joycon. If you’ve been supporting us for a long time, consider supporting us on Patreon – Looking for eshop credit? Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and more, at our new website and online store here – If you’re a physical collector, you can use code “SwitchQ3” to save 5% on PlayAsia Link to our Discord here:- Happy Gaming Mark & ​​Glen SwitchUp Number of subscribers:- 260,941.



  1. Gonna be waiting for the review of cursed island… loved terraria on my 3ds, but the controls on the switch are just unbearable, so id love to see a good game like terraria for the switch that doesnt have awful controls lol so heres hoping cursed island aint too bad.

  2. Honestly, the price on some of the digital VNs is so high, it makes more sense to just pay 10 or maybe 20 or more to get a physical copy (if you like having physical copies), so you could theoretically get some of your money back if you decided you wanted to sell at a later date. I just have a really hard time spending more than maybe $20 for digital only content, so like, if Switch digital Clannad costs $60 and rarely goes on deep discount, and physical Clannad costs $70, I'll just pay the $70 + shipping and theoretically be able to get out at least some of what I put in if I decide I no longer want to own it once I'm finished reading it.

    I did end up buying the first AI Somnium Files digital only though… $4 on the Hong Kong eshop… too good a deal to miss!

  3. Had to get the Portal Collection. Man those are some excellent games! Played both back in the day, and currently replaying with a big smile on my face. Decent price too

  4. Actually bought little noah last week and have been enjoying it thoroughly, the games whole gimmick is you collect these little fellows and each has a basic attack and a skill, and you can freely arrange them to create an attack combo or slot them in a skill spot and use a big skill attack. Id definitely recommend

  5. Loved the first AI insomnium game as it was literally a fusion of Phoenix Wright, Persona and Sherlock Holmes with the FIre Emblem character art direction. The pre ordered physical copy of nirvanA Initiative from Play Asia is still yet to ship, but I am extremely tempted to just fork out the $90 AUD and get it digitally,


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