7 Action RPGs To Play While You Wait For Final Fantasy XVI To Hit PC

7 Action RPGs To Play While You Wait For Final Fantasy XVI To Hit PC

Final Fantasy XVI was released this month, and despite its beauty, it’s literally only coming to PlayStation, to begin with, leaving us all alone without the latest in a series of classic turn-based games. However, Final Fantasy XVI is not a turn-based RPG at all, but an action game. It’s no complete surprise as the series has been dipping deeper and deeper into the action over the past few entries, including the FF7 remake and even the soulslike spin-off Stranger of Paradise (which is both better than it has a right to be, and also absurd in the best way).

The good news is that means there are plenty of cool games we can all play while waiting for the game to end on PC or other consoles, and even if you have a PS5 these are still amazing games. which capture some aspects of Final Fantasy XVI, and should help scratch that intense action itch. If none of these games do it for you, then maybe go see a doctor for that itch instead.

Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen is the ultimate version of one of the best action-RPGs of all time, and in a better universe, we’d already be talking about Dragon’s Dogma 3 or 4. Alas, this lousy universe only keeps us waiting The second entry, but thankfully this game holds up remarkably well and will satiate any hunger for monster hunting, dragon climbing and generally feeling like a fantasy powerhouse.

Light Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite isn’t strictly an action RPG; it’s actually more of an FPS. However, this game is smoother than Matilda’s dad’s hair, and definitely worth playing, especially as it only costs £15.49 most of the time. This game has you blasting your way through levels using a mix of firearms and melee weapons to wreak absolute havoc on anything in your path, and the goal is basically to look as cool as possible while doing it. It’s also incredibly beautiful.


Warframe is a big old sci-fi game that lets you jump and speed through levels, upgrade incredible futuristic suits to deal damage, and deflect bullets using katanas. It’s also almost scary in terms of things to do and exploring open areas between more linear levels. It also has pets, co-op, and endless customization.


Valheim is a survival game, so another not technically an action RPG, but it’s our list, and we’re right. In this game, you and up to nine other players explore a world inspired by Viking culture, and not only do the usual things like build shelters and chop down trees, but also fight massive monsters and bosses. It’s great fun, and if you haven’t played it yet, now is the perfect time.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an awesome action-adventure game where you play as a young spirit guide trying to fix a broken world and free spirits at the same time. It’s deceptively difficult to play, the action is enjoyable, and the spirits you meet along the way are adorable, so there really is a bit of everything. It might seem like a bit of an odd choice, but we think it fits in well, and also, just more people should play it.


Hades is probably the best action roguelike ever made. Not only is it smoother than even BTS, but it also has an incredibly well-told story, plenty of characters to meet and get to know, and the kind of satisfying combat that never gets old. If for some reason you haven’t played it, it’ll surely satisfy your craving for smooth action unlike any other game on this list, and the roguelike elements also mean it’ll likely last longer than the others.

Tales of Arise is the latest entry in the incredibly long Tales series, and it’s the best yet. Not only does it look insanely good, but it has an intense and politically charged story, much like FFXVI, and the battles happen in real time, despite having a party at your command. It’s a truly amazing action-RPG, and another game that risks being overlooked because people just don’t realize how good it is.

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