7 Best NEW PC Games To Play In May 2022


A preview of the hottest NEW PC games launching this month! Thanks to my.games for sponsoring this video https://bit.ly/3MhcsHk Channel the spirit of freedom in Conqueror’s Blade Season XI: Paragons, now available as a free update! Sign up and play to receive a Fleur-de-Lys unit outfit for FREE: https://bit.ly/3MhcsHk SPOILERS BELOW!!! 00:00 Best new PC games coming in May 2022 02:10 Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate Daemonhunters [PC] May 5 05:32 Salt and Sacrifice [PC, PS5] May 10 07:33 Evil Dead: The Game [PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch] May 13 10:50 Vampire the Masquerade Swansong [PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch] 19 May 12:30 Dolmen [PC, Xbox, PS5] May 20 1:33 p.m. Hardspace: Shipbreaker [PC] May 24 15:37 Sniper Elite 5 [PC, Xbox, PS5] May 26 5:13 PM Also… Songs of Conquest, We Where Here Forever, Source of Madness 5:44 PM Thanks for watching! #NewGames #PC #UpcomingGames My Gear: Computer – Doghouse Armor TL https://www.doghousesystems.com/ (use code FORCE for a free 500GB SSD with purchase of any system) Helmet – V -MODA Crossfade M-100 https://amzn.to/3w7NVNk Microphone – Shure SM7B https://amzn.to/2NZdWxn Mixer – GOXLR Mini https://amzn.to/2P60jgu .



  1. Literally the same video i just watched lol. All these dudes just rip off of eachother.
    Edit: Force released the video first, the other ppl ripped him off. Just an observation.

  2. When i heard about Dolmen I thought its a nice game to try out but then it’s 40 euros. Why do double A games make their game so expensive. They don’t have their brand or game quality’s to back it up. I think if they make it 20 euro’s. 10 times as more people would buy it and would make them in the end a lot more money. Really poor marketing here making a game with no status or recognition that expensive.

  3. Have a new lets play about elden ring, if you guys want some inspiration about the game, have a look on my channel 🙂
    New Episode is online :0 Have a nice Day 🙂

  4. Hey bud, I assume you are aware maybe just been busy but you forgot to mention V-Rising which was a game I am fairly sure I learned about through your channel. It also joins early access this month. Hype Hype Hype

  5. Not really excited for any games this month but I still enjoyed the full video. That’s why this is the best channel. Even when I don’t like the topics I enjoy learning about these games. And I don’t mean the games are bad, I’m sure I could enjoy some of these games but my plate is full at the moment with Tiny Tina’s, Monster Hunter Rise, and Anvil(I’m late on the last two).

    PS – Not sure if you saw the open beta on Epic Games for Space Punks, could be a fun game if the bugs are fixed and private parties are an option eventually.


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