10 Great WiiWare Exclusives That You Should Get Before They're Gone Forever


WARNING: You won’t be able to buy any more games from the Wii Shop Channel after March 26, so hurry up and grab these great games while you still can! Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamiethepayne Twitch: https://twitch.tv/jamiethepayne .



  1. The reason there was a lack of 3D Platformers on WiiWare was because there was a 40MB File-Size Limit the developers had to be under in order to publish their games on the WiiWare service. In Comparison, Wii Optical Disks could store up to 8500 MB of data. So… yeah… most games on the WiiWare service aren't going to be 3D Platformers for mainly that reason as it would be very difficult to get a good 3D Platformer on that 40 MB File Size Limit. However, there were some developers that did pull it off and the ones that did are some of the best the service had to offer, just not many were not able to pull it off…

  2. I see these "Get them before they're gone forever" more as "Get them while you can still support the developers".
    The internet is a treasure trove of preservation.


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